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"ihaveAsolution.Me" is a platform where you can express your idea to create a better world. Join our community and let’s start finding solutions to problem nobody seem to fix this far. Let’s make a world a better place for all: I haveasolution.com Welcome to I Have a Solution. Me, a platform designed for sharing your ideas to foster positive change in our world. Join our vibrant community and let's work together to address seemingly insurmountable challenges. Together, we can create a better world for everyone. Visit us at IHaveASolution.com and let your voice be heard.
About Claudio Bono
My name is Claudio Bono and I live in Cupertino California. I travel the world and I see the same catastrophe everywhere I go regard-Ding the unhoused. I am tired to see problems being unsolved everywhere. Needless to say, we have a global crisis in front of us. I have an idea that would solve the unhoused crisis. I need your help so that this video can go viral and reach those that can help us make a difference,…. Join the movement at "iHaveASolution.me"